AWKWARD-The most asked question no one asks: where do you go to the loo when you live in your vehicle?

I have read a lot of blogs and articles about living out of your vehicle, and the one question that seems to be ever-elusive (like the answer to the $64,000 question, or what your oldest brother really does for a living -yes YOU Bob) is how, and where do you go to the bathroom when you can’t get to a toilet?

Well, gather ’round and listen close because I have decided to spill the beans ( I’m picturing all of us around a camp fire right now…in the forest).  The good, the bad and the not so pretty.  As a self-inflicted disclaimer, I am aware that I may lose friends, loved ones and respect. But, if you know me, you know that, well.. I don’t care. Letting you in on this secret gives me much more pleasure that ruining friendships, or potential future romantic relationships.

So, here goes….

I make a point to sleep close to either a gas station or a 24 hour business during the week.  My routine is to use the facilities before I go to bed and just for the record, I always purchase something so as not to “use” said establishment for my own personal needs. This also works well for when I wake up, as most of us need to use the bathroom first thing in the morning. There are times, however, when I have woken up at 2 am and I really have to pee, or y’know….or on weekends when I am tramping all over creation or in rural areas with no gas station or rest stop in sight. So, I keep what I call my own personal port-o potty in my Jeep. It consists of the following:

Toilet paper, scented (yes, you heard right) garbage bags, a large water bottle (disposable), a device called “GoGirl”, a coffee can with cat litter and baby wipes.

The coffee can is for obvious reasons.  I have a small scented garbage bag inside, filled with a few inches of cat litter and a lid on. I have toilet paper and wipes at the ready.  If I have to use this particular item, I can just do my business and clean up and tie up the bag afterwards for disposal. It’s no different than when you walk your pet and have to  pick up after them (let’s keep comments to thyselves).  The GoGirl device is specifically for urinating.  It allows women to “pee” standing up like a guy, and into a container if so desired. In my case, I don’t stand up in my vehicle, but it allows me the use of a bottle with no spill, splatter or mess to clean up afterwards. It also allows me the same freedom if I have to stop on the side of the road (c’mon, you’ve had to do that more than once) and I don’t have to squat. It’s a beautiful thing. It is used by hikers, climbers and even concert go-ers when the lines to the bathrooms are just too much to handle.  It’s ten bucks at Walmart (camping section).

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So there, I’ve said it. I have let you in on a secret that only those who don’t rubber-tramp or travel all over the place in their vehicle want to know. I have not had to resort to these options often,  but knowing that I have them helps me sleep even better at night, and gives me comfort when I am out on the open road. I hope that you have enjoyed this insider information.  It’s a great tip for anyone, rubber-tramp or not.







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